Options, tips and hacks for working from home with children

by | Sep 7, 2016 | 0 comments

If you’re reading the BubDesk blog, chances are you work outside the traditional office environment, and you likely have kids. If this is you, you’ll love this article from BubDesk member Lacey Filipich.

Lacey has worked outside of traditional offices for six years and has accumulated a number of suggestions to help you make any working arrangement you choose work for YOU. She cover the pros, cons and some tips and hacks for:

  • working from home with no childcare,
  • working from home using childcare, and
  • working outside your home using childcare.

Lacey has used a number of the co-working spaces on offer in Perth – including BubDesk of course! – so she’s included a review of each one and her co-working saviour: a portable desk set up which will save your neck and back.

Read the full article on the Perth Mums Group blog here, and please share your tips and hacks in our comments below!