To Our Founding Members

by | Sep 7, 2016 | 0 comments

When I first had this idea back in September I thought it was original, actually not as original as first thought, but like all of you in business know you don’t need to be the first to do it, you just need to do it differently. My idea for BubDesk was a workplace something like “Google for Parents” – yoga, juice bar, child care, meeting pods, cool furniture and well, here we are 5 months on and it’s a bit like that (or will be), maybe a smaller scale than I imagined, but a bit like that.

While it might not quite be Google, what matters to me more than that is that it’s the sort of place that makes you want to leap out of bed in the morning! A place where you come to feel inspired, motivated and full of productivity. A place where you can learn new skills and a place that feels almost like home with an extended family.

To me, you are our board of directors. It will be your ideas, your feedback (both negative and positive), that shapes BubDesk to be something amazing; something that meets all your requirements and really provides you with the platform you need to get the most from your own businesses. It’s important to me that this business moulds into what you need, so please don’t ever feel nervous about coming forward with your ideas – crazier the better in my opinion!

Speaking of crazy, I think my lovely husband thought something along those lines when I first came to him with the idea. I believe his words were, “Collaboration? I can’t think of anything worse!” That’s engineers for you. I talked his ear off about it for 2 weeks and almost every conversation ended in an argument until one day he said, “I am clearly not your target market. Please go and find yourself a business partner who gets it so that I don’t have to talk about this with you anymore.” So the next day I turned to Facebook and thankfully out of the blue came the amazing Asha.

Asha is our new Community Director and there is no one better for the role. She already runs her own networking business, Power of Circles, and will be focused this year on events, workshops and really bringing you guys together in a supportive and collaborative environment. Asha has put up with all my hair-brained ideas, my incessant texting and emailing at all hours of the morning and night & has done her best to keep me from a meltdown. For this I thank her.

Thank you also to our wonderful nanny agent, Amy Evans of AJ Nannies. Amy has absolutely transformed our BubDesk crèche and has already contributed so much to the concept. I never realised how much was involved in running a child care – I knew it was a good idea to have one, but had no idea where to start! Evacuation procedures, learning frameworks, hand washing policies – you name it, Amy’s thought of it, and your bubs are all in amazingly good care.

To my husband Theike, he may not like the idea of collaboration, but he hasn’t divorced me yet and I appreciate his continued support and all the hard work he has put in dismantling desks & laying flooring.

And thank you to Paul, who so kindly commented on our Seven News story and then offered his time to go through our financials and business plan and really help us work out a clear path to success. He has since been involved in office chair assembly, donuts and coffee delivery and has actually moved in as our one resident male to balance things out around here. He will also be running workshops for all of you on business fundamentals.

Lastly to my mother-in-law who spent the last week making me an office pear tree because let’s face it, an office just wouldn’t be an office without a pear tree.