“Outsourcing”, by Jenny Holt, Freelance Writer


For those of you not familiar with the term, “outsourcing” is basically getting someone else to handle certain aspects of your business for you.


Whether they be technical, like search engine optimisation for your website; administrative, like a remote assistant picking up and sorting through your phone calls and emails for you; or practical, like handling the posting, packaging, and dispatch of your product.

Pretty much anything can be outsourced, and the benefits make it the future of business.

Here are four of the biggest advantages to outsourcing work;

1. Time

Our time is probably the most valuable commodity that we have, a truth that becomes ever clearer once we have children. Research has found that time spent doing what we want to is more important to our happiness than money.

Outsourcing basically means that we stop spending our precious minutes performing all the unnecessary tasks that we don’t have to be doing – our invoicing or our routine email replies, for example – freeing us up to be more productive in areas of the business that require our attention more urgently.

2. Business development

The extra time and headspace that we free up from outsourcing niggling admin and routine tasks means that we can spend those hours focusing on strategy, working on the business, rather than in it.

You can plan the best moves for your business to take, expanding and improving your product or service.

Although it can seem daunting at first, outsourcing is pretty simple, once you get the hang of it, and once you’ve got a reliable body of freelancers taking care of various elements of your business, you’ll wonder how you ever managed doing everything yourself.

3. Money

The improvements to your business you’ll have time to make and your increase in productivity will both lead to your bottom line looking a lot healthier in a matter of months.

But outsourcing has another, less direct, effect.

It will help you value your own skills more as you start making more money per hour of your time, outsourcing less lucrative tasks and starting a virtuous cycle for your professional self-esteem.

4. Job satisfaction

Remote workers are happier and more productive than employees anchored to a workplace.

So just by working from home or with the flexibility of a co-working space like BubDesk, you’re already ahead on this point.

But all three of the above factors mean that your job will be more satisfying, allowing you to get ‘in flow’ with your passion, the actual substance of your work, and taking all the stress and effort out of the time-consuming details that used to just be a distraction.

Jenny Holt is a former HR Specialist, turned freelance writer, who writes from home with two young daughters. She is based in Pennsylvania, USA and kindly contacted BubDesk about contributing an article. If you too would like to see your work on our website please send an email to info@bubdesk.com.au