Seriously? Data entry?! I was MEANT FOR MORE!


As it turns out, even the best ideas take a while to get off the ground and sometimes even the best ideas NEVER get off the ground. Dependent on timing, funding, marketing strategies, connections, support structure and everything in between. We all know the statistic, 80% of start-ups fail in the first 18 months – well that won’t be me god damn it! I REFUSE!!

Last year we launched BubDesk, a concept we thought couldn’t fail, a belief that keeps us going, but honestly I’ve never done anything harder in my life. I threw in my cushy well paid job at Woodside to work for myself (for free), I work a million hours a day, am guilty of forgetting my husband’s birthday (yep, remembered the NEXT day!), and spend probably 2 hours tops with my toddler on any given weekday.

Well it got to a point this month when I had to go back to a day job. I was outa cash. It’s all well and good to have a supportive husband (mine’s actually not – a whole nother post), but at some point it just seemed unfair to be putting the house under so much financial strain and I simply had to go get a job.

So here I am, working in a 1970’s building out at the airport, processing freight requests and customs clearances, with only a coffee van for lunchtime options, a firewall on every single website I might like to access and an enforced 1 hour lunch break – god knows what they thought I was going to do with it given I can’t even access my Gmail!!

And what do I do when I get home? I spend 2 hours with my little boy, now almost 3, I have dinner with my family and do my best to be “present” and then I turn my computer back on, work until I can’t keep me eyelids open and crawl into bed, ready to do it all again the next day.

Why? Mainly the passion. The belief that the concept is so needed and will eventually make it (at least to a point where it can pay me a salary!). And the fact that it’s the only thing I’ve ever worked on that had me leaping out of bed in the morning, even on a bad day. That and the stubbornness that I REFUSE to give up and become yet another statistic.

So Start-Ups I hear you. It’s bloody hard! Without a network of support around you I’d say it’s damn near impossible and it has certainly been the BubDesk community around me these past 12 months that has kept me mentally strong.

Thank you for your ongoing support. Meg x