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How does it work?

Ah yes, thanks for asking. We’re the first to admit that it sounds a little unusual or “innovative”. I guess you could say BubDesk is an intermediary, or online matchmaker, for parents and employers in need of a solution and childcare providers who are willing and able to offer it.

BubDesk works with childcare providers nationally, as requested by you, to create parent workspaces within their centres, bringing value to families, centres and employers.

What will I find?

Every centre is different – different staff, different layout, different processes, different vibe – and therefore every BubDesk is different. At a minimum, centres provide parents with a professional workspace (could be shared, might be private) and access to coffee……lot’s of coffee! Premium members also receive WIFI, printing, scanning and opportunities to plug their business. If your organisation is a corporate member you can also be guaranteed an ergonomic setup, with dual monitors and sometimes even a private office. Have a look at the centre profile pages in our directory for their standard amenities. 

Can I attend casually?

To use a BubDesk centre you would enrol your bub as usual with the centre on a set day or set days of the week and then you can either pre-purchase BubDesk credits as an individual or your employer may have a corporate membership allowing you a number of office use days throughout the year. The 12 week return-to-work program includes 24 visits, ideally suited to 2 visits per week, but if you would like to use them over a longer or shorter period this can usually be accommodated.

BubDesk Benefits

If you’re a regular BubDesk visitor you will receive log in details to our booking system, which allows you to book in days, reschedule days and add additional days here and there if needed. Premium members also receive the additional benefits of make up sessions for you or your bub if either of you are sick or your session falls on a public holiday and we’ll promote you through our networks. If you’d like to you can also add your business to our website as an “endorsed partner service”.

Grow Your

We love to support BubDesk members’ professional development and want to see them grow, so if you’re a regular BubDesker you’ll be invited to join our closed networking group and we’d love to run a feature on you in our newsletters and through our channels.

Is it for me?

BubDesk isn’t just for corporate employees, we also see business owners and a growing number of mature age students with small children. Come to think of it, there are a bunch of members who just come in to catch up on household admin away from the distractions of home!

Who will I meet?

The BubDesk community is diverse. From landscape architects to lawyers and accountants. A wide range of skills and services to draw on and create opportunities for business referrals. A lot of the networking is done virtually through our closed Facebook group, though you’ll find the community very close and supportive, as we’re all facing and overcoming similar challenges.

Coworking with childcare in Perth Western Australia. BubDesk employee playing with child in upstairs creche area.

What is it NOT?

Now I’ve told you a lot about what it is, let me tell you what it isn’t. BubDesk is not a Spacecubed, not a WeWork, not a WotSpace or any other large bustling, Google-like co-working space that you might envisage or associate with the term “co-working”. BubDesk spaces are little offices, sometimes only 2 or 3 desks, that you may share with a couple of other parents on one day, while on other days you might have it to yourself. The primary purpose of BubDesk is to provide a facility where parents can work nearby their bub – you’ll possibly meet some other awesome parents while you’re at it, but it’s not something we can guarantee – not in the office at least, but we’re often organising meet ups to bring everyone together that we’d love to see you!





No Silver Bullets

BubDesk is not the silver bullet. Transitioning a baby into childcare is hard. There are tears, there are daycare bugs, there are all those things that make parents wonder, “Why am I doing this?” BubDesk can’t make those things go away. What BubDesk can do is allow you to be right there onsite to give cuddles or feeds as needed to make the whole transition a little easier. We’d recommend that if you’re not yet at the point of being committed to the cause, you’re in no real hurry to begin and you’re basically “testing the waters” then maybe start with some babysitting or sessions at your local creche to see how you go, as it could take up to 10 sessions to settle your baby in, so you’re going to need nerves of steel!

What next?

If you’ve read the above and you’re thinking, “Yes, I’m in! What next?” I’d say start with a tour. Either have a read through the centre profiles to find one that looks to be the right fit (& it may not be the closest) or take the survey and we’ll get in touch with our recommendation. Tours can be requested be directly with the centres at this link. If you can’t find a centre to suit, just drop us a line with your preferred suburb or centre and we’ll do the rest!

How Ready Are You?