Do you have a burning question? Want to know more about how this all works?  Below are some frequently asked questions. If you don’t see it below, please contact us for further details.

What is the minimum commitment for using the childcare centre & BubDesk space?

Generally, most childcare centres ask a minimum attendance of 3 sessions for your bub for two simple reasons, it’s quite a lot of admin to get you enrolled and your bub is unlikely to bond with the carers in a one-off session. Most centres will offer an orientation prior to starting, where you stay with your bub and they can become familiar with the environment and educators.

The BubDesk component is a 12 Week Return-to-Work Program which helps with the transition, where parents generally attend twice weekly. If you would like to use up your 24 visits over a shorter or longer time-frame please get in touch, as this can usually be accommodated.  If you would like to increase the number of days per week or extend beyond the Return to Work package we are able to accomodate.

How can I enrol my baby in a centre?

Centre enrolments are handled by your chosen childcare centre. Once your child is enroled you can then add BubDesk office bookings as and when needed through our online office booking portal.  Check out our current locations to see if there is one for you.  If there is not a centre nearby, please let us know your chosen centre/s and we’ll do our best to get one up and running.

Can I attend a tour first?

Absolutely – we run seasonal group BubDesk tours, which you’ll find on our Facebook page or you can request a private tour.

What if my baby doesn't settle in well?

Sadly there is no easy road to childcare, but at least you’ll be onsite if they need you. You can expect some tears when you leave and it can take several weeks before your baby bonds with the educators. If you’re testing the waters and not in any hurry, maybe start with babysitting or a library creche to see how you go.  Do also take advantage of an orientation prior to starting or open day at the centre of your choice.

Is there parking onsite and what is the cost?

Where possible centres will provide parking however in some instances (Mudoch & Waterloo) it is paid street parking only. Please refer to the centre directory or directly with the centre.

What sort of people will I find at BubDesk to network with?

BubDesk is an absolute melting pot of skills and industries – From landscape architects to accountants to hoola hooping instructors. Whatever you need help with there’ll be someone on hand and you’ll often find people in need of your skills/services.

If my child is in chilcare can I leave the building for meetings?

Yes, all our partnering centres are fully licensed, so you’re welcome to come and go as you please.

Am I eligible for a childcare rebate when using the BubDesk service?

Yes, all our partnering centres are fully licensed, which means that if you’re eligible for the Centrelink rebate (best to check with them directly) you will receive it when enrolled at our centres. To estimate what you’re entitled to refer to the Online Calculator.  The government rebate does not apply to the BubDesk office use, only the childcare component.

Do I need to attend at the same time each week?

Your bub will be enroled at the centre just like any normal non-BubDesk child, which means they will need to attend the same time each week as per your enrollment. Some centres offer as little as a half day per week. Your bub may be enrolled for 3 days per week and you decide that you only want to work 2 days that week then you will only book 2 BubDesk sessions.

How can I get my company or organisation involved?

BubDesk partners with a number of businesses nationally to help their employees with the return-to-work transition. All our packages are tailored depending on the number of employees, parents returning, frequency of use etc. If you would like some information for your business please drop us an email and we’ll send some information out to you.

What if I am sick or there is a public holiday on my allocated day?

BubDesk offers make up sessions for our Premium package holders in the event you are sick or your session falls on a public holiday. Some centres will also offer a make up session for the care component (please check individual centre profiles for participating centres).  At centres that do offer this, you will need to notify the centre before or on the day of the scheduled visit to rebook a new date.

Can I get a refund if I don't use all the sessions?

Our Return to Work Packs are non-refundable however you can take a short break and recommence in the future if you need to.

Can I choose the days I use BubDesk?

We will do our best to accommodate your preferred days, but best to get your name down early for both enrollment and room booking.  Some centres are unable to provide BubDesk 5 days per week, please refer to the centre directory.

How long is a session?

1 (one) session is 1 (one) day.  Whether you use the full day or leave after a few hours, the space will be booked for you for the entire day, that way you can come and go to meetings as you please.  Please check with your centre for opening and closing times.