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Frequently asked questions

If my child is in the childcare can I leave for meetings?

BubDesk operates within fully licensed childcare centres. You are welcome to come and go as you please throughout the day.

Am I eligible for a childcare rebate when using the BubDesk service?

Yes! You will need to register with Centrelink for the childcare rebate and then, providing you meet the work/study requirements you will receive a minimum 50% childcare rebate to the maximum annual subsidy of $7,500. Low income families also receive an additional childcare benefit.

Do I need to come at the same time each week?

We do ask that you commit to the same session time each week, whether that be half days or full days. If you are unable to attend due to illness, vacation or public holiday then most of our centres can offer a make up day.

Can I claim BubDesk on my tax?

This question is best answered by your accountant, but the majority of parents claim the office component on their tax.

Can I attend casually?

We don’t normally accept one off casual bookings due to the administration required, but if you are already using the service regularly then it’s often possible to add additional casual days as needed.

What sort of people will I find at BubDesk to network with?

BubDesk is an absolute melting pot of skills and industries. You’ll find web designers, marketers, copywriters, interior designers, landscape architects, accountants and everything in between. Whatever you need help with there’ll be someone on hand and you’ll often find people in need of your skills/services.

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