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Frequently asked questions

What sort of people will I find at BubDesk to network with?

BubDesk is an absolute melting pot of skills and industries. You’ll find web designers, marketers, copywriters, interior designers, landscape architects, accountants and everything in between. Whatever you need help with there’ll be someone on hand and you’ll often find people in need of your skills/services.

If my child is in the crèche can I leave the building for meetings?

If using an in-office crèche you will be required to remain within the building for insurance purposes. If you utilise a suburban BubDesk branch within a daycare you are welcome to come and go as you like.

Am I eligible for a childcare rebate when using the BubDesk service?

If using an in-office crèche no rebates are available however there may be the option to salary package your childcare, so that it is paid pre-tax if the service is onsite in your office. If you utilise a suburban BubDesk branch within a daycare you will be eligible for all standard rebates.

Do I need to come at the same time each week?

If you’re utilising an adjoining daycare service you will need to commit to the same time each week for a minimum of 10 weeks, but if using a part time office only you are welcome to pick and choose your days each week.

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Levels 1 & 2, 12 Lindsay St, Perth WA 6000