Childcare Providers

It’s a changing world we live in and flexible work conditions are on the rise. A growing number of people work from home or remotely from their office and the concept of “blending” work and life is a hot topic. Sooner than you think parents will start to ask, “Do you offer BubDesk?” Join the growing network of centres that can confidently answer “Yes!” or risk being left behind.


BubDesk workspaces can be tailored to suit any centre and generally accommodate 3-5 parents on any given day – they are often accommodated in underutilised non-contact rooms and can be restricted to certain days of the week.

  • To be an eligible centre you will need to have capacity for a few additional children of varying ages;
  • Be able to provide a welcoming and professional environment;
  • Possess a flexible and can-do approach to new ideas and initiatives;
  • Have a rating of at least “Meeting” National Quality Standards

Centre Benefits

BubDesk specialises in the creation of onsite parent workspaces to:

  • Set your centre apart
  • Utilise your vacant childcare places
  • Create positive brand exposure
  • Provide an added source of revenue


There are 3 simple things our parents can’t live without:
2. Coffee
3. Parking

If you can tick all those boxes then you’re good to go!

Why Parents Are LOVING BubDesk

Parents know when using a BubDesk service they will be offered maximum flexibility – we only partner with operators that will allow make-up days in the event of illness, absence or public holidays and centres that can accommodate half days, casual days and odd kindy days

BubDesk is choosy about who we work with – we only partner with exceptional centres that we know will provide a service we can be proud of

BubDesk is so much more than a desk – we create parent communities in each state and offer additional benefits such as member discounts with participating partner services, networking events, business building opportunities and up-to-date job postings of all flexible roles

Why BubDesk?

  • A strong brand and reputation that parents trust and associate with
  • Strong corporate relationships with national companies that use our services as a return-to-work option for parents
  • A customer driven approach where nothing is too difficult
  • Initial 6 month trial of service to ensure you’re satisfied with the results and returns
  • No upfront licensing fees for centres joining the network in 2017

To find out how BubDesk might work for your centre or to apply to join our network please contact us using the form below:

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