BubDesk Rejuvenate

Next Gen Kings Park

If you’ve always wanted to belong to the most exclusive club in town, but didn’t want the lock in contracts, then you’ll be pleased to hear that BubDesk has teamed up with Next Gen Kings Park to create a Rejuvenation Series for those of you who are ready to claim back some well deserved “Me” time! These passes give you ultimate flexibility, can be used over 3 months and include workspace, gym/swim/class access, premium crèche service and there’s even an onsite beautician!

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BubDesk Rejuvenate Pricing


Next Gen crèche operates from 8:30am-2pm Monday to Saturday and places can be booked one week in advance

It is a crèche rather than a childcare, which means parents are required to remain in the club

Passes can only be purchased in packs of 16 hours and are valid for 3 months

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0429 431 382


Levels 1 & 2, 12 Lindsay St, Perth WA 6000