The Art of Perception

Recently asked to guest blog for Behind the Brands I decided to create a 6 part mini-series on the truth behind start-up. It's certainly not all glitz and glamour - I'm sure Part 1 gives a pretty good insight into the struggles so many face! Behind the Brands: The Art...

Kill Me Now: The Day Job

Seriously? Data entry?! I was MEANT FOR MORE!   As it turns out, even the best ideas take a while to get off the ground and sometimes even the best ideas NEVER get off the ground. Dependent on timing, funding, marketing strategies, connections, support structure...

Outsourcing: The Four Biggest Benefits

"Outsourcing", by Jenny Holt, Freelance Writer   For those of you not familiar with the term, "outsourcing" is basically getting someone else to handle certain aspects of your business for you.   Whether they be technical, like search engine optimisation for...

Options, tips and hacks for working from home with children

If you’re reading the BubDesk blog, chances are you work outside the traditional office environment, and you likely have kids. If this is you, you’ll love this article from BubDesk member Lacey Filipich. Lacey has worked outside of traditional offices for six years...

To Our Founding Members

When I first had this idea back in September I thought it was original, actually not as original as first thought, but like all of you in business know you don’t need to be the first to do it, you just need to do it differently. My idea for BubDesk was a workplace...

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