BubDesk in Perth is the coworking space with childcare. This is the boardroom in their Perth Location

BubDesk is a service that partners with Australian childcare operators to transform traditional childcare centres into a combination of childcare and parent workspace. It gives new parents the opportunity to truly blend work and life, it brings flexibility to the childcare model and has become a melting pot of skills and industries.

BubDesk prides itself on being a supportive & collaborative environment of close-knit innovators. Our bright & colourful workspace promotes a positive & productive energy that will help you get the most from your time.

BubDesk provides its members with a flexible work arrangement and the opportunity to work from a supportive and productive environment, away from the distractions and isolation of home.

The Team

Meg and Asha from BubDesk Perth. Founders of the coworking space with a creche in Perth

BubDesk Founder Meg Burrage (right), brought the concept to life in February 2016 after struggling to find flexible childcare arrangements in her own life. An incredible team of people have worked with her since its launch to help shape and mould the model to a service that can be easily accessed by all.

In Meg’s previous life she was a supply chain & logistics professional in the oil and gas industry. She is married to a crazy Dutchman and is mum to 3 year old Ollie. Meg lives by the mantra, “Who says you can’t have it all?”

“The idea was born out of sheer desperation. I wanted to return to work, but was unable to secure suitable day care.”
Meg – Founder