Ask any entrepreneurial business building parent a general “How have you been?” type question and more often than not you’ll receive a response that includes “I’ve been really busy”. And yes, we are….. busy.

We’re busy moving from one responsibility to the next, we’re busy juggling all our commitments and when we’re not busy being crazy busy, we often feel too exhausted to exercise. Like that time you planned to try and hit the gym in the morning, but then hit snooze whilst telling yourself you’ll do your session after work instead, only to then finish your work day exhausted and skip out again cause you had to conserve energy to survive the dinner time routine and wanted to try and get to bed at a reasonable hour…. we’ve all been there!

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes we DO absolutely need to give our body, brain and soul a rest, but sometimes, we also need to move our muscles, get that heart pumping, take deep breaths of air into our lungs, and flood our body with those positive mood boosting hormones! So given that we’re all extremely busy, how do we find time to exercise?

Here’s My Top 5 Tips:

  1. Does your internal dialogue say “I should exercise or “I want to move”? Maybe it’s time you challenged your mindset.!

Our bodies are designed to move and if you want your entrepreneurial business brain to be firing on all cylinders AND have energy to be that fun-loving and patient parent/partner/sibling/friend then I can’t recommend daily doses of movement enough! Exercise is movement. Movement is exercise. Same-same but different. At the end of the day, yes, a 30 minute high intensity cardio session is different to a leisurely walk in the park during your lunch break…. but….. as far as exercise is concerned, walking daily is more than enough.

Most of the time when you find yourself skipping out on ‘exercise’ sessions it’s because you’re telling yourself you “should exercise”, or you need to “make time” for it, not that you “want to move” or “it’s a priority”. Next time you catch yourself thinking, “I should exercise but…” try actively replacing the word “should” with “want” and “exercise” with “move”. Stating that you “want to move because…” is a powerful way to challenge your mindset and get yourself in the mood!

  1. Do you have to force yourself to commit to exercising? Maybe it’s time you try fitting movement around your lifestyle a bit better.

I believe health and fitness should fit into our life seamlessly, but for this to work you need to be aiming to create a movement routine around your lifestyle, not the other way around! So rather than forcing yourself to commit to exercise you think you “should” do, try building a movement regime around your lifestyle so you “want” to do it.

Saying yes to something you know deep down is not sustainable is only going to lead you to later saying “I give up”. For example, if you’re young and single with a flexible job, hitting the gym for an hour every day on your way home from work may be possible, but if you’re working part time whilst starting a business, have a partner and a few kids, well, that hour is probably not sustainable for you. Perhaps buying a few dumbbells and knocking out a half hour HIIT workout at home every second day, or parking a half hour’s walk from your work so you get some extra steps into your day, could be more sustainable for you?

  1. Do you struggle to find even 30 minutes you can dedicate to exercise? Maybe it’s time you started multitasking!

Multitasking could look like a few different things depending on your situation. When my baby bear was aged between 4 and 12 months old I specifically chose exercise groups that were either on my way to, or from, something else I had to do (like grocery shopping). I also often tied exercise into socialising with friends (lots of walks and talks with friends at the park and attending Mums and Bubs exercise classes)! As my babe got bigger my multitasking had to change. I now do a mixture of group exercise I can take him to (fitness classes with babysitting or creche services), at home workouts I do around him playing (the Totally BUF online program), and simple body weight exercises I add into my everyday (like squats whilst folding the washing or lunges while vacuuming).

  1. Do you force yourself to exercise even though you dislike it? Maybe it’s time you found something you actually enjoyed!

If you are consistently associating exercise with pain, discomfort or boredom then sooner or later you’ll start finding every excuse not to allocate time to it. The only way to build the right movement habits is to associate movement with pleasure. Do it for the love of it. Do it for that post workout endorphin high, for fun alongside friends, for the feeling of accomplishment, for the fresh air and sunshine, for the stress release, for the muscle relaxation or for the alone time. Do it for reasons you’ll enjoy. Everyone’s reasons are varied and different. The real challenge here is actually allocating time to trying a few different things till you find something you enjoy! The good news is there are plenty of fitness services that offer great introductory rates so you can give them a try without signing your life away or busting the bank.

  1. Do you exercise by yourself even though you find it pretty lonely? Or, are you surrounded by people that don’t really value or prioritise exercise like you do? Maybe its time you connected with a like-minded community!

Exercise is an amazing way to connect! If you’re turning up for a set of squats that’s one thing, but when you can’t wait to get to your regular class and see your girlfriends, workout together, catch up on the gossip and have some fun, or you’re meeting up with your run group to prepare for an upcoming fun run, it’s a totally different experience all together.

So there you have it. If you currently feel like you don’t have time to exercise I recommend you challenge your mindset, work out ways to fit it into your lifestyle, multitask like a boss, find something you enjoy and connect with a likeminded community. Unfortunately, none of these will decrease your workload or mile-long to-do-list…. but they can help you allocate more time to moving!

About the author

Renee Cabassi: Mother of one. Owner of BUF Girls Bayswater. Fitness instructor. High School Physical, Health and Outdoor Education Teacher. Renee is passionate about helping women of all ages fall in love with fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. She’s a strong believer in the positive influence being a part of a group or team can have on one’s wellbeing. She also believes when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, simplicity is key. Through BUF Girls Bayswater Renee aims to educate and empower women to confidently make health related decisions for themselves…..and did we mention BUF Bayswater has babysitters onsite?!