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BubDesk is a model that combines workspace with childcare, allowing busy parents to continue on with careers and businesses. We partner with childcare operators to offer onsite office space within early learning centres, enabling parents to work in professional environment with their child close by.


We are entering the era of flexible working & BubDesk is determined to give it a much needed overhaul. We understand the difficulties of working from home – too many distractions, isolating and not very productive.

With a growing network of branches in the pipeline, BubDesk offers a productive and supportive workplace that will keep your employees engaged, while assisting you to attract new business or quality talent.

Coworking with childcare in Perth Western Australia. BubDesk employee playing with child in upstairs creche area.


BubDesk partners with childcare providers throughout Perth, from Clarkson to Wembley, to offer flexible childcare services combined with onsite office space. Provided as a return-to-work service by a growing number of Perth businesses, it enables new parents to work productively, but close by their new baby.


Catering for babies 6 weeks to 6 years


Priority childcare access – skip the waitlist


Eligible for all government rebates


Flexible options of casual, half day or full day attendance


Feeding spaces


Parent support groups

Relaxing Atmosphere

Meeting rooms, casual sitting areas and comfortable working desks. BubDesk offers a relaxing environment to ensure you stay productive through the day.

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0429 431 382


Levels 1 & 2, 12 Lindsay St, Perth WA 6000


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BubDesk is a collaborative co-working space that has been designed with busy professional parents in mind. It provides primary care givers, both small business owners or those with flexible work arrangements, the opportunity to work from a supportive and productive environment & provides the added benefit of an onsite creche.

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