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BubDesk is the missing piece in the Return-To-Work Puzzle in Australia. Consider us a matchmaker,
creating ‘parent workspaces’ within childcare centres to help parents transition to work.
A win-win for parents, workplaces and the childcare industry!

The perfect “blend” of work & life.

An amazing concept and literally life changing for our employees. It’s being used very successfully by our law firm as a practical return-to-work solution and results in the highest levels of productivity.

Catriona Macleod

Director, Cullen Macleod Lawyers

Working flexibly and remotely from BubDesk means complete peace and quiet away from office-based distractions, while my son is cared for nearby. It’s reduced my stress levels and means no more expressing at work!

Heather Williams

Lawyer, Cullen Macleod Lawyers

A solid partnership that gives us a competitive edge, by enhancing our profile and aligning ourselves with an innovative business that at its heart has the best interests of young children and their families.

Shelley Prendergast

Operations Manager, MercyCare

In an era of #AllRolesFlex and organisations striving towards gender equality, inclusiveness and diversity in the workforce, BubDesk introduces a practical solution that enables you to attract and retain the best possible talent.

BubDesk works directly with your organisation, its employees and premium early learning centres to create professional parent workspaces onsite within their centres, in locations to suit, that enable a smoother return-to-work transition.

With a growing network of centres nationally that offer the BubDesk service, and more being onboarded by request all the time, a growing number of organisations are utilising this very practical solution as a way in which they can support their new parent employees.

We started at BubDesk when Teddy was 2 years old. I am a freelance graphic designer and was struggling to work from home, but Teddy had never been in care and separation anxiety was a huge issue. It took several weeks to transition him into the centre, but the educators at MercyCare were amazing and he loves it there now. SO glad I didn’t give up, as it was only getting harder the longer I waited.
Generally I’m the only Dad in the office, but hey, who cares? My wife wanted to return to work and I wanted to take on more of the primary care giver role, but I also run my own business from home. A day or two a week I use a BubDesk office, so I can blitz through some stuff and the rest of the week I take it easy with my kids. Life’s pretty good!
I run a Hoola Hooping business, which brings its fair share of admin, but my son absolutely refused to transition to a bottle! BubDesk was really the only option for childcare, which allowed me to continue breast feeding and working on my business. He’s now transitioned straight to a cup, but I stay at BubDesk for the lovely community and atmosphere.
I’m a lawyer and absolutely love my job, although it’s not the easiest thing to do part time or to take a lot of time out from. I chose to return to work full time when my baby was 4 months old and my employer kindly supported me in working part of the week from BubDesk for the first few months, while I transitioned back in.

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