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BubDesk is an online directory of childcare providers that offer parent offices, within their centres. A transition option for when you’re still feeding or not ready to be separated from your baby all day.

The perfect “blend” of work & life.

We started at BubDesk when Teddy was 2 years old. I am a freelance graphic designer and was struggling to work from home, but Teddy had never been in care and separation anxiety was a huge issue. It took several weeks to transition him into the centre, but the educators at MercyCare were amazing and he loves it there now. SO glad I didn’t give up, as it was only getting harder the longer I waited.
Generally I’m the only Dad in the office, but hey, who cares? My wife wanted to return to work and I wanted to take on more of the primary care giver role, but I also run my own business from home. A day or two a week I use a BubDesk office, so I can blitz through some stuff and the rest of the week I take it easy with my kids. Life’s pretty good!
I run a Hoola Hooping business, which brings its fair share of admin, but my son absolutely refused to transition to a bottle! BubDesk was really the only option for childcare, which allowed me to continue breast feeding and working on my business. He’s now transitioned straight to a cup, but I stay at BubDesk for the lovely community and atmosphere.
I’m a lawyer and absolutely love my job, although it’s not the easiest thing to do part time or to take a lot of time out from. I chose to return to work full time when my baby was 4 months old and my employer kindly supported me in working part of the week from BubDesk for the first few months, while I transitioned back in.


Mentally preparing for childcare, but not ready to be separated from your baby all day? BubDesk is a concept that partners with childcare operators nationally to create professional parent workspaces onsite within their centres, enabling you to truly “blend” work and life.

Tired of hearing “You can’t have it all”, we decided to try!

Now operating within Sydney, Perth and the Sunshine Coast and with a growing network of branches in the pipeline, BubDesk offers a productive and supportive workplace, utilised by a mix of freelancers, corporate professionals & mature age students.

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